About Hydrate

Who are we?

As it is rightly said "Great solutions come at the hardest times"

When everyone's fast-pacing lives came to an abrupt halt during covid.

Four friends tried to find solutions on how immunity can be fixed, they were surrounded by different questions and an intense brainstorming session of cancelling out various ideas until one idea stuck with them - The human body is made of 70% water, so if we fix what we drink, can we improve human immunity?

That question became the answer that was followed by an extensive research and development process. This led to the inception of Hydrate India.

After a long process of meeting the doyens in the water purification industry, the company built a state-of-the-art manufacturing and bottling unit across a 5000 Sq. area.

Situated in the heart of Manor village, is Kondhan which is the home to the pristine waters of Kondhana Hills.

Kondhan because our first outlet and we are on a mission to turn the pristine water of Kondhana waterfalls into the magic potion of immune health.

Male Hiker Drinking Alkaline Water from Hydrates Water Bottle

Meet the Team

Harsh Shah

Founder and R&D

Divyang Shah

Founder & Operations Mgt.

Jay Gopiyani

Co-founder & Sales and Internal Communication

Nishant Gandhi

Co-founder & Social Media Managment