Revitalize Your Health with

Hydrate's Alkaline Drinking Water

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0-75 mg/liter

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0 - 35 mg/ liter

  • Tick Mark Icon Pro-ageing properties
  • Tick Mark Icon Colon-cleansing properties
  • Tick Mark Icon Better Immunity
  • Tick Mark Icon Improved Digestion
  • Tick Mark Icon Clearer Skin
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Hydrates Packaged Alkaline Water Bottle

This unique technology brings the water pH level to 8.5 and maintains the TDS between 0-150.

Hydrate brings you nutrient-rich ionized alkaline drinking water from the serene lush green mountains of Kondhana, procured with care to retain the natural mineral content of the water and ensure your health.

More than just

Maximum Purity

Due to the importance of water in our life, we give 99.99% pure water to our customers.

5 Steps Filtration

Water has different types of impurities. 5 steps filtration removes all the impurities of the water.

Chlorine Free

We serve our water chlorine-free to think about clients’ lives since chlorine causes serious damage to our health.

Hydrates Packaged Alkaline Water Bottle

Towards Sustainable

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Zero Water Wastage

The mineral-imbued water is processed through an Alkaline Ionized Machine that ensures zero wastage of water.

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100% Plastic Neutral

All Hydrate bottles are 100% plastic neutral & BPA Free.

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Hydrate bottles are completely recyclable with PET of 20 – 34 grams.